Tuesday, August 2, 2011


I realized I haven't really said much about how me and my missionary met and started dating. So here is the story plus some cute pictures to go along :]

Me and Elder Cuddle Buns met at college. The funny thing was, we didn't start dating until near the end of the year. I dated his roommate Bobby and he dated my roommate Anda. At first, we were both really happy. Then Bobby broke up with me and we got back together and he broke up with me and we got back together then we had a mutual parting sorta ha. It was really messy... Anyways. After a while, Elder Cuddle Buns and the rest of my roommates and myself found out that Anda was not as nice as she appeared to be. She was HORRIBLE. We nicknamed her the witch but in Spanish so she didn't know what we were saying. Kinda mean I know but you didn't know her! Well eventually the witch and Elder Cuddle Buns broke up. In the middle of that HUGE mess, me and Elder Cuddle Buns became best friends. We would talk for hours at a time and could always make each other laugh. But that's all we were, friends.

After a few months, I started liking him, and he found another girlfriend. It was SO obvious and I was giving him SO many clues, and he was the only one that was oblivious to the fact that I liked him. EVERYONE ELSE KNEW! I personally thought I was hiding it well, I mean he hadn't caught on yet, but my friends informed me it was practically written like a neon sign on my face. He eventually broke it off with this other girl and THEN realized that he liked me (He said he had for a while but just couldn't comprehend it) Well we didn't start dating right away either. He was getting ready for a mission and didn't want a distraction. Also, he told me that he wouldn't be able stand it if we started dating and broke up. He said he couldn't loose his girlfriend and best friend all in one. Well, that didn't last very long ;] 

He is my best friend and my true love :] He makes me so happy I practically burst! We have that romantic part of our relationship, but mostly we are still just best friends hanging out together :] He always knew what to say to make me smile and knew everything I loved. For example: below is a picture from one of our... dates... I guess you could call it. He brought chocolate (both milk and dark because I LOVE dark chocolate) and strawberries and we made our own chocolate colored strawberries :] There was no special occasion. He just wanted to :] Well the story is still being written and will continue for hopefully a long time

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