Monday, August 8, 2011

Our Eternity

I wrote this before my missionary left on his mission. He loved it and I hope you guys will to!

Our Eternity

"As you hug me tight
and kiss me goodbye
your eyes have a light
that could brighten the sky

You tell me to smile 
That two years will go by fast
I won't see you for a while
But that loneliness won't last

You ask me not to bawl
With all your serenity
Two years will seem so small
Compared to our eternity

People doubt that we can make it
They say I'll give up fast
But even if they shake it
I know our love will last

As I kneel down to pray
And ask God to bless you and me
I know some day soon you will say
"Will you marry me?"

You ask me not to bawl 
With all your serenity
I told you two years was small
Compared to our eternity"

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