Saturday, August 20, 2011

Move-In Day and MONTH MARK!

Well, I moved into my apartment today for college. A lot happened.

I have 4 roommates who I have never met before and I think it will be an interesting year... :] 

Hung out with Bobert today. He came over for a while then when we were on our way to his apartment we ran into Cheese. She is a really cool girl. Well we were helping her friend move in and me and Bobert got talking about sushi. So what did we do? Me, Ri Ri, Cheese, and Bobert went and got some! Drove like an hour and a half for it but it was SO WORTH IT! 

ELDER CUDDLE BUNS' MONTH MARK WAS TODAY!! Oh my gosh I cannot believe it has already been a month. It seems like he just left yesterday! I hope the next 23 months go by as fast as this one did. Still haven't heard from him from Canada, but hopefully will get a letter on Monday. The mail is kinda screwy here so THAT should be fun (she says in a sarcastic voice). 

Tomorrow I get to meet all the people that will be in my Ward. Should be interesting. Oh, and my dad knows my bishop?! Ha I don't but I guess that's cool. 

My cousin told me that she will be waiting for a missionary starting in February. Should be interesting...

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