Wednesday, August 31, 2011

So much to say!

Ok so it has been FOREVER since I have posted but I have just been so busy!! :] Classes and everything are just wiping me out! 

Tonight was so much fun! The school I go to had a foam dance. That's right. Dancing in bubbly, wet foam. It was INSANE! Me and Krys were rolling around in the bubbles and then going around to people who were dry and unbubblefied and gave them hugs then booked it away! :] 

On Monday night, there was a "meet your bishop mingle majiggy thingy" and after there was a stomp. It was fun! There was only one guy that asked me to dance and it was the very last dance. Oh ya, we were the only two dancing as well! It was one of those "everyone is leaving so we are going to play this song" kinda songs. And he said it was his favorite so he asked me to dance. I met him last year on dance ensemble. He's really cool, except that he was dancing like REALLY CLOSE! Ha. It was kinda awkward so I just started laughing a lot :] 

Sunday was an interesting day. Our bishop was gone so his second counselor took over. Me and Jess call him "Brother Rhino" or "Brother Unicorn" (Not to his face of course). Now you are probably wondering why. So he is an older guy ok and he is balding a bit. But, he has like this little island on his head. Ya he has this small clump of hair on the front of his head that he combs forward and then he has the like ring around the back. So he has a like horn kinda thing. We were laughing about it through like all of sacrament meeting! It was great :]

It has been THREE FREAKING WEEKS since I have gotten a letter from James. I WANT A LETTER! Ugh. Ya. It's hard. 

Well, I think that's it. Oh ya, Bobert says hi to whoever reads this. I don't know why, but he said I had to put it. So there ya go. 

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