Thursday, December 20, 2012

Grrr... Stupid Technology

Well, my computer has been working all day. Go try and get on it about an hour ago or so and BAM something is wrong. Don't know what but it's something with my hard drive. It just stays on this stupid blue screen that tells me something is wrong. Ya, not fun. Can't WAIT to see how much it's going to cost to get it fixed....

Shopping tomorrow! Should be fun :]

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

What I've Been Up To

Well, it's no secret that I haven't posted something in FOREVER. But, here are some pictures of how my Fall Semester went....

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


So. It's been a while. I've just been doing other things and haven't really thought about posting for a while, which I apologize for. Here is an update with what has been happening with my life.

Not much. For May, I was living with my brothers. Pretty much all I did on the days I wasn't busy, was watch tv and read. On Mondays and Wednesdays I had Aerial dance classes. They were a lot of fun :] I am going to be taking them all summer thankfully :] 

In a couple of weeks, I get the amazing opportunity to work with RDT. For those of you who don't speak dance, that is Repertory Dance Theatre. I am SO excited. I am taking a 2 week summer intensive and at the end of those 2 weeks I get to PERFORM with them!! Oh it is going to be LEGEN- wait for it- DARY!Hahaha :] 

I think it's been a couple of weeks since I have heard from my mish. Which sucks, but doesn't really surprise me. He's busy, and his family said that they think he should only write me once a month. To which he said that he wanted ME to choose. So I told him to suck it up, be a man, and make a decision. And that whatever he chose both me AND HIS FAMILY would have to deal with it. So we will see what happens. I don't like that this has turned into a "me against his family" thing. But for some reason, I think they want it that way. I just get this feeling that they don't really like me, or that I'm just some random girl who can be looked over. WRONG. But, what happens happens. 

My family is really tight on money right now and I am worried. I can't find a job because of all the dance classes I am taking. But I KNOW that these classes will make me a better dancer which can help with my future. We are all PRAYING that we can make it through the summer. Oh and our stupid vehicles aren't helping anything. The van can only be driven around town, the truck gets HORRIBLE gas mileage, the neon doesn't work at all, and the honda just broke down the other day so its in the shop. Wow do we have BAD luck in that department...

Well I think that pretty much covers what has been happening. Till next time! 

Monday, March 5, 2012

The Happy Ending

So around Thursday of last week I get a text from my mom. She had a PET scan a few days before and we finally got the results. After over a year of pain, heartache, struggle, tears, complications, doctors visits, hospitals, chemo, and radiation, we. are. done. The scan came back CLEAR!! We only have one more test to make sure this spot on her liver is not cancerous, which they are certain it is not. Of course she will never fully be done. There are still annual visits and things and of course her  heart problems, scar tissue on her lungs, and the swelling in her arm she will most likely always have. But it is such great news to hear that you are cancer free. Of course, I cannot say this as great as my dad so here is a link to his blog.

No one ever knows how hard this is until they go through it. For those of you who beat it, I congratulate you. For those of you who are in the battle, I hope you have strength. For those that have died, you live on forever in our hearts. 

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Service can happen at all ages

This is a 13 year old boy who wanted to make a difference is someone's life, and did. Watch it, but maybe get some Kleenex first... 

Sunday, February 12, 2012

It's a happy sad thing

I GOT MY LAPTOP BACK!!! And there is NOTHING missing :] I didn't lose anything and that makes me the happiest girl! :] Not only that, I got a letter from my Elder on Tuesday and it had 2 inside. One for right then and another to open on my birthday! :] Can't wait!

Now for the "sad" part of the title... I had TWO different roommates on TWO different days say waiter-hater comments. The first one: We were arguing over dating while you have a missionary. She said that if I were to go on a date with a guy while I have a missionary out that I would be wasting his time and money. SERIOUSLY?! Ok, ya I love my mish. I WANT to marry him. Does that mean that I KNOW and ABSOLUTELY going to? NO! No one on EARTH knows that! I want to go on dates and get to know other guys to see if my mish is the one for me. I can't do that if I don't go on dates. 

The second one: She compared waiting for a missionary to HAVING SEX BEFORE MARRIAGE! There is NO WAY that those two things are RELATED!! In ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM! She said that all she knows is that we have been told not to do either one so she sees no difference between them. But, she is WRONG! We may have been CAUTIONED to not date seriously before a mission but General Authorities have just said if you are going to wait, do it the right way. For proof, here is a link:

Friday, January 20, 2012

6 Months!

6 MONTHS! 1/4! 25%! However you say it, it is 6 months down TODAY! That's right. My love only has 18 months left. I am so proud of him! He is becoming an AMAZING young man and he LOVES the work he is doing. 

I also have to say I am proud of myself. There are probably people who didn't think I would make it this far. Well guess what? I DID! And amazingly it wasn't that hard. Ya, there were hard days, but those 6 months FLEW by! But, I have had help. Besides having the BEST roommates like EVER, I have also become friends with some AMAZING MG's. Seriously. I wouldn't give up this experience for anything because I have met some girls that I just know I will be friends with for a long time and I wouldn't have met them any other way. 

Also, I would like to thank all you waiter haters. If it weren't for you, us MG's wouldn't stick together as much as we do because we wouldn't have as many problems. So, take that. You want to discourage us, but all you are doing is bringing us together :p

I will upload my "6 month" picture when I actually take it :] Maybe tomorrow ha. 

So do you know what I have to say about the next 18 months? 


Thursday, January 5, 2012


That's pinteresting...

Hello my fellow bloggers. Have you ever heard of "Pinterest"? No? SHAME ON YOU!! Pinterest is simply, amazing. It is basically a virtual pin board with pretty much ANYTHING you could EVER need to know. It has everything from Weddings (MG Heaven) to household secrets to food recipes :] All I can say is that I am ADDICTED.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Two Years is Small!

Before he left, he probably said this to me a thousand times. And you know what, two years apart isn't really that long. Especially when compare to eternity together. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!! :] I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. Mine wasn't to bad. Just went up to my aunt and uncles and spent the night. We had lots of food and watch the newest pirates movie. That's pretty much it. We tuned in just in time to see Gaga push the ball and see the countdown. The happiest thing for me is that I can OFFICIALLY say that he comes home NEXT YEAR!!! Ahhh!!! :] It may not be until the middle of next year but hey, it still counts in my book! I am 5 months down and still going strong!! :] I love him

Today I went to a farewell. My good friend is going to Cali!! :] He's gonna be an awesome missionary :] SO EXCITED for him! Ha No mg waiting for him though. To bad, he's a great guy and it would have been nice to have another MG friend ;]