Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Day Up North

On Sunday my brothers and I took their couch and bed up to their apartment. The couch fit in the back of the truck, but we had to kinda tie the bed to the top of the truck. It took us TWICE AS LONG to get there! But after a long time of stopping to fix the bed and seeing that there was a nail in the back tire, we made it to the apartment. It was fun to move them in and get everything situated. Then, my gay-dancing-cow-fish-man came over to hang out with me! It was an awesome night.

My parents and sister came up the next day because my mom had a doctor appointment and we wanted to get some school shopping done. Well, I bought a pair of jeans,
a ballet skirt and tights, 

(A ballet skirt is one that you tie on the side and this one was really pretty)
and the same Hollister cologne that my mish wore before he left! :] 
 Oh, and that is a frame my parents bought me at the dollar store. Isn't it cute! Just gotta get a pic of me and my boy in it now :]

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