Sunday, August 21, 2011

Roomy Bonding :]

Today was an interesting day. Started off kinda bad but then got better :] Church started at ten and 4 of my roommates left about 20 minutes early. Did they tell me and ri ri when they were leaving or even ask if we wanted to come with them? That would be a NO. But! When we got home from church it was better.

We had roommate bonding time today :] First at lunch where we all sat down at the table while we ate and just talked and asked questions like about families and favorite colors and stuff. It was fun. Then we played this card game called "Idiot"! Such a fun game! The last time we played, I won :] I was pretty proud of myself ha :] Well, then two of the roomies left to basically have a date with these guys. Well, the rest of us made dinner together (chicken alfredo) and then ate together at the table. Then, talked a bit and ended up watching "Mrs. Doubtfire"! Such a fun day with a lot of laughs and some great bonding. Like me and Jess obsessing because a cop was outside the AC for like ever and then this guy on a four wheeler came up and they talked for like 2 hours! It was insane :] 

Tomorrow is roomy picture day :] I'll post when I get some :]

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