My Poems

Our Eternity

"As you hug me tight
and kiss me goodbye
your eyes have a light
that could brighten the sky

You tell me to smile 
That two years will go by fast
I won't see you for a while
But that loneliness won't last

You ask me not to ball
With all your serenity
Two years will seem so small
Compared to our eternity

People doubt that we can make it
They say I'll give up fast
But even if they shake it
I know our love will last

As i kneel down to pray
And ask God to bless you and me
I know some day soon you will say
"Will you marry me?"

You ask me not to ball 
With all your serenity
I told you two years was small
Compared to our eternity"

You're Just a Dream

"I just sit here all alone
Thinking about you
I can't help but think
That your love isn't true

My heart feels whole
When I am lying on your arm
Then I leave, I am so alone
I feel like causing myself harm

Please make the pain go away
And stay with me forever
My heart just can't take it
Cuz it knows you'll say 'never'

My tears are my lullaby
They sing me to sleep
I lay my head down to rest
Into the dream of you I seep

This is where my life gets better
I dream of all I need
Your standing right in front of me
My heart is freed

I then wake up
Everything vanishes with a scream
I come to realize
You are just a dream

My heart was whole
For a second or more
But now that you are gone
All it is, is sore

Please make the pain go away
And stay with me forever
My heart just can't take it
Please don't say 'never'"

Just Me

"I look down the lit hallway
Standing in plain sight
People are rushing by me
But I don't move
I just sit and observe

I always knew I didn't fit in
But I couldn't figure out why
I thought people cared
Thought they wanted me around
But here I stand alone
Barely breathing, barely beating

I never thought I would have the chance
To be someone special, important
But it's just me alone
Unwanted and uncared for
Wondering if I deserve to live
Or if I should just disappear

I drown in despair every day
Still wondering, waiting
If I will ever fit in
No one will ever know"

My Perfect

"When we are together
It feels just right
Like a picture perfect moment
With just enough light

When you hold my hand
The pieces just fit
Like we were made
Just me and you, that's it

When you hold me tight
The promises just flow
You whisper in my ear
'I'll never let you go'

Never leave my side
I don't think I could take
My life would fall apart
My heart would break

I love showing the world
That you are all mine
If you held my hand forever
I would be just fine

Promise me one thing
That you will always be here
At any time, any place
For ever laugh and every tear

I write about my perfect guy
As most girls do
But I had never imagined
I would meet someone as perfect as you"


"You doubt so much
I don't understand
How could you  not trust me
Even when I  hold your hand

It's like you want me to leave
You're pushing me away
With everything that is said
I still want to stay

You say always and forever
But is it meant
Sometimes I have to wonder
And I just need to vent

Do you really know me
If you would accuse
Of such a thing, I can't imagine
It's almost like you abuse

I don't want to leave
But do you really feel the same
Sometimes I have to wonder
If for you this is just a game"

Over and Done

"So me and you
We had a fling
But that's over now
And just plain boring

You talk to me often
The hope I can see
I wish I could show you
That we will never be

You've gotta move on
It's over and done
You can't stay here anymore
Cuz I'm already gone

Cry me a river
I'll build the bridge
I am so over you
I was already close to the edge

The relationship we had
Was good for a while
And the tears that were shed
Would fill up the Nile

I have moved on
And you should too
I hate that you're stuck on me
Like a bunch of crazy glue

We had a small fling
Now I'm gone
It was just plain boring
It's over and done"