Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Second Letter

I got my second letter today! It was EIGHT PAGES LONG! It seriously made my day! I think he said "I love you" like a billion times! My boy always knows what to say to make me feel happy and special :} Even through letters his personality is so strong! 

 Those pages were front and back. So much information to take in but SO NEEDED! :] So what did I do you might ask? I wrote him NINE! :] That's right. I made it a competition. Let's see who gives in first :]

So I was on facebook last night and a girl put up this link to a site where there are ties. Well, like five minutes earlier I had been talking to my mom about what I wanted to do for my missionaries Christmas present. I want to put together a "Steelers" package for him since he is OBSESSED! Well anyways, I bought him a football tie that says CTR on it! It was perfect! The first thing for my package! Once I get the whole thing put together I will put up pictures. But for now, here is the tie! 

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