Saturday, July 30, 2011

FIRST LETTER--- plus some other stuff that happend

I received my first letter from my missionary!!! :] Let's just say it was no small letter... it was 6 pages long!! And it totally made my day! :] I love reading what he has been experiencing and going through and how much he loves it in the MTC! There was so much he wanted to tell me (and some he did and I couldn't really read it cuz of his handwriting) but unfortunately he only has so much time. BUT! I am going to send him this bracelet I made him! He said he would love to have it :]

There was so much that went on yesterday! After aerial, I had to help my family to get ready for relay for life. SUCH. A. LONG. DAY. We got to the field at about 4:30 pm and got home at 6:30 am the next morning. I AM SO SORE! Walking for however long I did and then performing... just took everything out of me. BTW! My dad was SUPPOSED to record my dance so that I could put it on here for all of you to see, but the schedule was so messed up last night that we forgot to record it! But they said there was people walking in front of me and we should record it when I can do it on a real floor (instead of grass). So when we finally do record it, I put it up! :]

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