Thursday, July 28, 2011

Just the Beginning

Well hello people of the blogger world! I got the idea to start a blog from Facebook. Some girls have started blogs to keep everything in one place of their time while their missionaries are gone. My missionary Mr. Cuddle Buns as I will call him (well I guess it's Elder Cuddle Buns now) left July 20, 2011 and will get back the same date in 2013! It is going to be an amazing ride the next two years for the both of us and hopefully I will be able to keep updating this blog until he is back and we get married! Who knows if I will continue once he is back. And no one knows if I will have to "Dear John" him to... If that happens, I'll let you know how I let him down.

So far I have only sent out one letter to Elder Cuddle Buns (seeing as in he has only been gone a week and it took that long to even get his address!) and haven't received anything back. He is just in the MTC right now but won't be for long because he is just going English speaking. He leaves the MTC on August 9th!

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