Sunday, January 1, 2012

The New Year

Happy New Year everyone!!! :] I hope you all had a great New Year's Eve. Mine wasn't to bad. Just went up to my aunt and uncles and spent the night. We had lots of food and watch the newest pirates movie. That's pretty much it. We tuned in just in time to see Gaga push the ball and see the countdown. The happiest thing for me is that I can OFFICIALLY say that he comes home NEXT YEAR!!! Ahhh!!! :] It may not be until the middle of next year but hey, it still counts in my book! I am 5 months down and still going strong!! :] I love him

Today I went to a farewell. My good friend is going to Cali!! :] He's gonna be an awesome missionary :] SO EXCITED for him! Ha No mg waiting for him though. To bad, he's a great guy and it would have been nice to have another MG friend ;]