Monday, October 3, 2011

Talking by the Spirit

In conference this past weekend, there was a talk that someone gave (forgive me I can't remember who and am to lazy to find my notes) that said that we need to talk BY the Spirit. Well, I believe that I have had that experience lately. 

After FHE tonight, there was a guy that stayed and started asking my roommate questions. I was listening in and he was asking some deep questions. My roommate was kinda stumped... So I kinda felt inspired to cut in. He stayed and talked with me for like an hour or so. One of the things he said was that he became inactive because some of the LDS members are to judgmental and pushy. Now, he is now the first person to tell me this. My brother has said it and my roommate (not the same one he was talking with) have both told me. I would like to share with all of you what I have told them:

You should not be a member of the church because you like the people who are there. Yes, it is a bonus if you do but they shouldn't be the reason you are going and they DEFINITELY shouldn't keep you from going. Also, you do not know anyone else's circumstances. They could be going through hard trials, or maybe they themselves need to work on the things they are accusing you of so they see it in other people more prominently. Whatever the case may be, the gospel is still true. It never changes. The lessons you learn and the feelings you get won't change because a certain person was there. If you do not like to be judge by people, don't listen. And do not judge them because no one is perfect. Yes, there will be sometimes when someone is teaching a lesson and it seems like they should be listening instead of teaching. But, maybe that is why they are teaching. All of the time I hear teachers say that they get more out of the lesson than their students do or they say that the lesson was made for them because they are personally struggling with that certain thing. 

I guess what I am trying to say is that the gospel is true, no matter where and no matter who. If you love the church and know it is true, nothing should keep you from your eternal happiness. 

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