Wednesday, October 26, 2011

7 weeks of waiting = PICTURES!!

So I FINALLY got a letter from my mish after what felt like an ETERNITY!!! BUT! It came with a lot of love, 8 pages front and back, and 18 PICTURES! AHHH!!!! This is the first time I have gotten pictures from him and I was so excited! (if you can't tell). I will try and put the pictures up as soon as I can but it might be a while ha.

He is doing great and has a new companion. His companion has a girl in waiting as well so they have a lot to talk about! ;] He also told me the song he is writing me is almost finished! I told him he better not forget it cuz I want to hear it when he gets back haha

I am so in love with that boy and only have 21 more months till I can see him again! <3

Now I am going to vent a bit... I hate it when people tell me I could be a distraction to him and that I'm wasting my time waiting (and so many other things MG's get). Ok 1 you do NOT know the relationship me and my mish have because you are not us 2 you are NOT with him and do NOT know exactly what he is thinking and 3 IT'S NONE OF YOUR DANG BUSINESS!! If I am being a distraction to him, it is up to HIM to tell me! Not YOU!! Yes I know there is a POSSIBILITY that I could be distracting  him and that he won't want me to wait. But do I believe that that possibility is REALITY?! NO. I can tell in his letters that he is doing great and that my letters help him. I can also tell that he still loves me and might even be MORE in love with me! So do me a favor, next time you want to tell me to stop writing him as much or to quit because I won't make it anyways, JUST SHUT UP AND KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. 

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