Friday, October 21, 2011

3 Month Mark

Wow it has been a long time since I have posted. And unfortunately this probably isn't going to be the longest post ever. 

Well, another month has gone by! Only 21 more till I get to see the love of my life again and have my best friend back! It has been over a month since I have heard from him, which is probably why I have not posted in so long. I haven't checked the mail since Wednesday because it is fall break so I am stuck at my parents house. I love my parents don't get me wrong, but I hate the town they live in. And yes that is where I grew up. But believe me, I hated it then too.

I really think the Lord is trying to teach me some patience because I am going crazy! Every week I think "OK. It should be coming. It has been enough time" but nope. Hasn't happened yet. But thankfully that means that when it finally does come that it will be that much sweeter :] 


  1. My daughter had a boyfriend on a mission, but he found that her letters were too distracting to his work, and asked her not to write so much. Sometimes it is difficult to forget about home when there is a girlfriend waiting, reminding the Elder that they have a relationship, and future together. It could be that he is trying to focus on the work, not on his future. Sometimes letters from home just make Elders "trunky". So I think the fact that he hasn't written probably shows that he is really trying to focus on being a missionary. :)

  2. This is Krys... her roommate. What you said is possibly true but every missionary is different. What happened with your daughter might not necessarily be the same for all the other missionaries. Elder cuddle buns is not letting himself become distracted by his girl. It took him almost 8 weeks for him to write back and he is doing amazing with a baptism already. If she wants to wait let her try. There is no harm in trying, if it works out... great. If not then no harm done and they can still be friends. Missionaries love letters and I write my friends all the time. Some times they just need a letter from home.