Wednesday, December 21, 2011

A letter for another month

So yesterday was his FIVE MONTH MARK!!! Yup!!! :] My baby has been out for five months already :] I can't believe it! One more and we have hit 6. Which is 1/4 of his mission. For some reason, the 6 month mark just seems like it will be a HUGE accomplishment. 

On Monday, my dad comes in and wakes me up and tells me I have a letter!! I was so excited :] I tore it open (no seriously I like massacred the dang thing) And let me tell you. I needed that letter. It was the best letter EVER! Oh my gosh. Every time I get a letter from that boy I am reminded of why I am waiting and why I put up with all the crap from people. He. Loves. Me. A lot. Ha :] ALMOST as much as I love him ;] (But don't tell him I said that) He is the sweetest, kindest, most talented and loving person I have ever met. (Plus a lot of other mushy romantic words that I can't think of right now). In essence, he's perfect. To me anyways. But why does anyone else matter? :]

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