Sunday, September 25, 2011

My Wonderful Life :]

A LOT has happened lately that I haven't even had time to write it all down! Holy cow. Where to start. So my roommate ri ri likes to do funny stuff when she is asleep. Last year she fell asleep with a volleyball around a lamp and another time on a dryer. ya... Well she fell asleep so me and my other roommates decided to start drawing on her with a sharpie... We got a pretty good start but then she moved her ankle to a position where we couldn't get to it anymore. So we drew a smiley on her arm :] And then I started playing tug of war with her sock

And then we could get to her ankle again so we finished her tattoo :] I didn't get the full image but I got the first. 

We are also really weird so we were in our school bookstore the other day and took some pictures...

I do what is called aerial. It's really cool, look it up. Ha anyways I had 10 hours of dance on Thursday and had aerial very very last. I wore my arms out so much that I couldn't feel them! It was scary! But we iced them and got me a blessing and they are better now :]

Also, yesterday I went up north with my family and got a new laptop! It was epic. Anyways for lunch we had sushi :] 

It's kinda a tradition in our family to take pictures of our sushi and send it to the family members who couldn't come and basically say "haha you can't have this" :] It's funny when you are the one eating it, it's cruel when you are the one who can't be there. Ha :]

Also, I got to meet some really nice MG's! We got together and went to the Relief Society broadcast then made a craft! They are amazing girls and are so nice! :] I am so thankful to have such good support for the next 2 years :]

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